Recently, a beloved brother accused me of saying what I hadn’t said. The brother recuperating from a long term illness, I felt it pointless to argue over the matter. So, what did I do? I apologised of course. And guess… Read more »

On Facebook

On Facebook a lot lately, I was truly becoming alarmed about my new formed habit. Other things pressing on my mind this morning however, guess what the Spirit of God showed me in His word? “Let us not become conceited,… Read more »

RIP Bishop Trevor Huddleston

Archbishop Trevor Huddleston who sadly died in 1998. Underneath a plaque erected in front of the South African High Commission in London as a memorial to Huddleston, is a quote ascribed to Nelson Mandela: ‘No white person has done more for South Africa than Trevor Huddleston.’ What an epitaph!!

Ebenezer Obey – musician and evangelist

Listening to Ebenezer Obey’s ‘Mukulu Muke Maajo Folorun Mi’ (It is with joy and fanfare that I will dance in praise of my God) this morning, I stumbled on something the he said in passing: ‘Igbagbo ninu Jesu; kii doju ti ni’ – “faith in Christ is immunization against shame.” Oh, shame is a disease alright, friends!