Happy Ash Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day and oh yes of course, it is also Ash Wednesday. But we don’t really wish each other Happy Ash Wednesday. Maybe, we should, I believe. For many Christians today presents a paradox. It is a day where… Read more »

Perfect love casts out all fear

In Nigeria today, amidst the economic downturn, fear grips our imagination, our thoughts and behaviour. Whether it is fear of failure, fear of losing everything, insecurity, fear of embarrassment or anxiety about our lives and the future, fear can be… Read more »

We are taking special orders

Many young people, especially females, get really bothered about whom they will marry especially when a guy has not even winked at you.lol I realise that special commodities are not usually displayed on the shelf like other goods. They are… Read more »

The abundantly able God

Scripture, history and experience have revealed God as He who is in charge of all things. Our God, the Most High God is the “Master of Possibility” in the midst of deep confusion and uncertainty. Accounts of His turning situations around fill the Scriptures and human history.


Recently, a beloved brother accused me of saying what I hadn’t said. The brother recuperating from a long term illness, I felt it pointless to argue over the matter. So, what did I do? I apologised of course. And guess… Read more »

The Holy Spirit is our hope

You could summarize the Christian faith as hope in the promises of God given to us through Jesus Christ. Hope is one of the great themes in Holy Scripture. There are signs in our society that many people are searching… Read more »