Ademola David Adebola, Winner of the 2017 Babatunde Edu Foundation Youth Essay Competition

IMG_0309The Babatunde Edu Foundation announced the winners of its inaugural youth theological essay competition at the awards ceremony held in the Events Centre at Bishop Adelakun Howells Memorial (BAHM) church in Surulere, Lagos.

The youth band Blaze 10.3 provided some inspiring gospel music entertainment at the awards ceremony.

The essay competition was open to youths aged 17 to 25 from churches in the Diocese of Lagos Mainland, Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion).

Entrants were asked to write one 1,500 word essay from a given list of five essay titles. Essays were to include theological reflection and demonstrate an appreciation and understanding of Anglican spirituality.

Thirty nine essays were received. The judges were very impressed with the quality of the essays received. The prizes were awarded as follows:

First Prize (100,000 Naira) awarded to Ademola David Adebola

Second Prize (50,000 Naira) awarded to Mmesoma Agbazue

Third Prize (30,000 Naira) awarded to Stacie Madu

You can read David’s winning essay here:

‘Social media is a hindrance to the formation of Christian discipleship amongst youths’ Discuss. By Ademola David Adebola 



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