Many young people, especially females, get really bothered about whom they will marry especially when a guy has not even winked at

I realise that special commodities are not usually displayed on the shelf like other goods. They are usually acquired ‘on order’. Someone special that can afford it and knows the worth usually tells the manufacturer how he wants it designed before he comes to get it. The manufacturer takes extra care in designing it so that it suits the owner’s taste. So, if you are waiting on God for that special someone, you may just be ‘on order’. My emphasis is ‘waiting on God’. God alone is responsible for something that has been handed over to him. So the question is: “have you handed yourself over to the Creator to mould you to the taste of that ‘special someone’”???

Think on it, and remember Esther’s story. She was requested for, or rather, an order was placed on her.

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