Nelson Mandela

Just as I had imagined it, the death of Nelson Mandela has provoked a most extra-ordinary reaction. On the night his death was announced, Barack Obama, standing at the lectern at the Rose Garden in the White House, said: ‘he… Read more »

Race Relations in Britain after Stephen Lawrence

Harrow Black History Month Group continued its African History Season themed ‘African British Civil Rights since the 1960s’ with a presentation by Lee Jasper, the former Senior Policy Advisor on Equalities to the former Mayor of London Ken Livingstone, on the subject “Does… Read more »

Thankful for Obamacare

A promise to a healthier life is what minorities can look forward to with having access to affordable health care. However, what stands in the way is the political shenanigans of the Republican Party and a reluctance to compromise.

Hull: UK’s City of Culture 2017

The news that Hull has been nominated the UK city of culture for 2017 fills me with joy. In a stiff competition between Swansea, Leicester and Dundee, Hull, describing itself in its bid as ‘a city coming out of the… Read more »

Cameron’s hot air on aspiration

Watching Major and Cameron take lumps out of each other over the subject of social mobility reminds me of a conversation I once had with Sir Richard Wilson, the erstwhile head of the UK civil service. Introducing myself to him… Read more »